Florida Estates Marbella guarantees the best conditions for a safe, fast and fair sale to owners who want to sell their property on the Costa del Sol.


We are an agency with a new business model for the real estate sector, focused on service and effectiveness, with no ties to offices or geographical limitations, where the important thing is the people who sell and buy. For this reason, we have the best team dedicated to managing, promoting and selling our portfolio of properties.

We pride ourselves on exploring the latest in technology and communication to ensure that our clients always receive the best service. We have developed a significant improvement in the presentation of our portfolio of homes, which we make available to the owners, who now have more options than ever to sell their property in an optimal way.

We have three different selling modalities for property owners.


CLASSIC is the traditional hiring of the services of a real estate agency without exclusivity. With most agencies this service includes photos, descriptive text and advertising on portals. With Florida Estates Marbella you have a complete service that includes an appraisal of your property, professional photographic report, window card and descriptive text, publication in more than 700 websites of associated agencies, advertising in real estate portals, assistance and advice during the entire sales process and assistance at the notary’s office. It is the option of many owners who only wish to have their property on the real estate market without any further service. No initial cost for the owner. All the material produced for CLASSIC (photos, texts, etc.) belongs to Florida Estates Marbella and can only be used by us, it cannot be used privately or given to third parties.


VIP – RECOMMENDED OPTION. VIP is the enhanced version of the traditional exclusivity. In most agencies this service will include photos, descriptive text and advertising on portals. With Florida Estates Marbella, the VIP option puts your property on another level, standing out from the rest of the properties for sale. It includes the Official Energy Performance Certificate, a professional appraisal of your property, the best professional photographic report, beautitly designed window card and descriptive text, video, floorplans of the layout of the property, a 3D VIRTUAL TOUR, publication on more than 2000 websites of associated agencies, featured advertising on real estate portals, marketing campaigns, assistance and advice during the sales process and assistance at the notary’s office. This is the option we recommend because at Florida Estates Marbella SL we share your property with more than 3,000 national and international associated agents while you only deal with us, one professional agency; you will not need any more agencies for a maximum and optimised exposure of your property and at the same time you will enjoy all the best services and the latest technology in advertising. Moreover, this option has no initial cost.


PRO is an innovative option for the real estate sector, and is for those owners who want to sell their property directly without agencies, or also have their property with several agencies at the same time, but with all the professional tools that only Florida Estates Marbella SL makes available to you. For a refundable fee, the owner receives all the VIP services described above and can also use them privately or pass them on to other agencies. This means that the owner can use the photos, plans, texts or the virtual tour and make a private advertisement with them or pass them on to whoever he/she wants. The great advantage of this option is that if Florida Estates Marbella SL is the agency that sells your property, we will refund the full amount paid for the PRO services.

If you are considering hiring services that promise to sell between individuals, or save you time and money with their “ecosystems”, we warn you that with these companies you may find yourself with extremely expensive and confusing services that in the end may not give you the expected results.

Instead we recommend a much better option such as PRO by Florida Estates Marbella SL. You will have at your disposal all the marketing services and advice of a professional real estate agency for much less money and in a totally transparent way so that you can sell your property directly. Call us or send us a whatsapp to 951 820 123 (this landline is phone and whatsapp) and we will be happy to explain it to you in detail and without any obligation.



  • ——- ——- ——- ——- ——- ——- ——- ——- ——- ——- ——- ——-
  • Property Appraisal
  • Professional Set of Photos
  • Card and descriptive text
  • Publication on 700+ webs
  • Advertising on property portals
  • ——-
  • ——-
  • ——-
  • Assistance during the sales process
  • Assistance in Notary
  • FREE and no exclusivity required. This is the traditional option with agency.


  • Property Appraisal
  • Professional Set of Photos
  • Card and descriptive text
  • Publication on 2000+ webs
  • Advertising on property portals
  • Featured Advertising
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • 3D Virtual Tour
  • Assistance during the sales process
  • Assistance in Notary
  • We refund the amount paid if the property is sold by Florida Estates Marbella.


What we offer to our property owners:


Personal Guarantee and Transparence.

We are local professionals, recognized and highly reputable on the Costa del Sol. We will not ask you to sign complicated documents. We just need your authorisation and a title deed certificate (nota simple) to verify ownership.


Energy Performarce Certificate.

With the VIP and PRO options we include the Official Energy Performance Certificate issued by the Junta de Andalucía at no cost to you.


Free appraisal of your property performed by a qualified professional.
Although the final price is your decision, we will give you our advice without any cost for you, according to the data of the real estate market, so you can have all the necessary information to decide the selling price of your property.


Professional photography.
We take a professional set of photos to make your property even more attractive to potential buyers.


3D Virtual Tour.
It is essential to have the latest technology so that buyers can virtually pre-visit your home from their computers and mobile devices. Having a Virtual Tour in the current world scenario, makes a big difference between selling and not selling a house.


Property layout artistic floorplans.
It is one of the most widespread requests of customers. For this reason, from Florida Estates Marbella SL, we take measurements of the house and we shape them into a Plan that we call artistic because it is not technical, but its task is to inform the potential buyer of the interior distribution of the house.


Window Card and descriptive text.
We collect all the data of your property and its characteristics and we capture them in a direct and intelligible text so that it reaches potential customers looking for properties like yours.


Key Holders.
We keep the keys entrusted to us by the owners in a safe deposit box. The use of this service increases by 80% the possibility of selling your home in less than 30 days.


Buyers | Clients.
We are in direct contact with more than 2000 national and international clients, interested in buying a property on the Costa del Sol.


Collaborating agencies.
Florida Estates Marbella is a member of one of the largest Spanish real estate networks, with more than 3000 agents that will be able to offer your home. This guarantees maximum exposure while you only deal with us, one agency.


We publish our properties on over 90 portals and over 2000 websites, where clients will easily find your property.


We provide you with detailed information about the visits, keep a record of clients, and give you the opinion of the people who visited your property.


We do not send you any offers, only those from clients with serious intentions of buying at a fair price and willing to deposit a reservation, this way we will not bother you unnecessarily.


Additional advantages.
For the VIP and PRO sales modalities we regularly launch special campaigns to all our collaborating agencies and direct clients, and we also advertise on the main real estate portals that guarantee the best results.


Also for Owners who only want to improve the presence of their property on the internet.
Even for Owners who want to sell their property with or without an agency, at Florida Estates Marbella SL we have the best tools and the latest technologies to ensure your property has the maximum exposure and attracts the largest number of clients. A professional photo set will give your home an impeccable presence on the internet. And if you want the ultimate in innovation and what will make a difference with other homes for sale, include a 3D Virtual Tour, clients will be able to visit your home as if they were there in person.

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