Due to the past real estate bubble, whose impact on the Costa del Sol had greater relevance than in the rest of Spain, there are numerous properties (commercial premises, flats, villas and plots of land) that are finally awarded to banking entities, when these auctions end without any bidder.

From Florida Estates Marbella we would like to offer you the opportunity to purchase these properties from 50% of their appraisal value with full legal guarantees, leaving on our hands all the administrative and judicial process so that your only job is to see how your investment grows.

Details of our services:

1- Identification of the property and visit in order to verify that it is free of tenants and there are no “latent defects”
2- Updated verification of outstanding debts.
3- Attendace in court to participate in the auction.
4- Processing and consignment of the deposit of 5% to be able to participate in the auction.
5- Bidding up to the previously agreed maximum amount.
6- Request for a refund of the deposit of 5% for the case of non-adjudication.
7- Consignment of the auction in case of adjudication.
8- Attendance in Court to take possession of the property.
9- Processing of the payment of the property transfer tax.
10- Processing of the payment of the tax on increase of value of lands of
urban nature (surplus value). Only in the case that the transferor is non-resident.
11- Registration of the property in the property registry.
12- Change of domiciliation of receipts for water supply, electricity, gas, IBI, and community of owners.

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